Monday, January 19, 2015

A Little Trashcan Existentialism

(Please bear with me - lots of technical difficulties with images lately. Imagine that the gray part is the top of a trashcan, the black circle is the hole where you drop your trash, and the white square is a napkin with a question written on it.)
So I was leaving the coffeehouse this morning and noticed a napkin on a trashcan asking me a question. (Today, by the way, started off very well - I rode my bike to work, and that always makes a day better.) "Why are you here?"
For the next 20ish minutes I rode to work trying to answer the question.
I was at the coffeehouse to see my extremely good friend Grizz, to drink an Americano, and to see lots of enjoyable acquaintances like Kelci and Zach and Joe. But mostly to spend time with Grizz.
I was on the bike to get to work and enjoy the chilly scenery while getting in better shape and not burning fossil fuel. (And I really like riding past the statue on 44th and Quaker - it's a llama wearing a tie. I really like llamas; ties  - not so much.)
I am here on Earth to....Dang, that one is a little tougher. But not really - I have spent a lot of time working on that one. I am here on Earth to serve and care. To serve my Lord, my family, my friends, and humanity in general. While I gladly embrace the treehugger label, I am not in it for the trees. I am in it because I believe that people need trees, nature, and the environment in general to be healthy in order for the people to be healthy, joyful, and non-malicious. (And the label "peoplehugger" has some really creepy connotations.) And, I really like possums, tadpoles, llamas, and great blue herons. (Possum-Hugger has some creepy connotations too.)
I am not here to buy a bigger house, to drive a shinier car, to support Verizon or Netflix or eat more fro-yo - but I have engaged in all of those pursuits. I support a lot of things that don't fit well in my vision of why I am here.
So, Dear Reader, I re-direct to you - why are you here? (You can take that however you like - why are you here on Earth(?) or why are you here reading this low-rent blog(?), or anything between.
May your answers help you know your path.