Friday, January 16, 2015

Lubbock on a Bike: The Local Paper Supports Cyclists and the "Niche"Speaks

Last month, our local paper published an article in which the mayor referred to bicycle infrastructure as a "niche issue". Apparently, I am not the only Lubbock cyclist who took issue with the piece. Last week, a group of cyclists held an informal meeting with city representatives to discuss the need for better safety options and come up with plans for the future. And I am (guardedly) optimistic.

Lubbock Cyclists Mobilize to Address Bike Safety Concerns (January 14)

Our View: Improving Local Bike Travel Could Be Good for Lubbock and Tech (January 6)

Road Rage: Lubbock Cyclists Decry Lack of Safety (December 13)

May you cycle safely, save money, lose weight, lower your blood pressure, and care less about gas prices. And may your city support you in all of that!

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