Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Tiny House Even Closer to Home!

A tiny house in the LBK!

You may remember a few months back when I was excited to learn that Spur, Texas had become the first American town to declare itself tiny-house friendly. Well, imagine how excited I was this week to find a tiny house right around the corner from my own house! Sasha snd I went for a walk and (BOOM) there it was. We talked to the neighbors, kicked the tires, and looked through the windows - this thing is cool!

It's actually pretty big for a tiny house - notice the triple axle trailer and the substantial height. The inside is unfinished at this point, but you can see that the windows are well placed for passive ventilation. It also has two lofts, so it has the potential to be a two-bedroom affair. It is being built by Sherwood Construction, and their work looks great.

All the excitement wore Sasha out! (Other Sasha Sightings - Thoreau and Sashadoption)

I will try to get you more details as the project comes along, but I was excited to share this with you. For me, this was just as exciting as the day I saw a Tesla passing through Justiceburg.

May greener living be welcome in your town, and may we all reap the benefits.