Friday, February 27, 2015

The Boxx Electric Scooter Lives!!!(?)

One of the frustrations of being an electro-dork like me is the steadily waning excitement of watching a new vehicle go from protoype to (wait for months or even years) actual production and public availability. Lots of those things never materialize (Brooklyn Motorized) or almost materialize (Copenhagen Wheel) or materialize only to those who live in select counties just south of San Francisco (it's a long list) or something like that.

I first became aware of the Boxx Scooter in December of 2011. I wanted one! Who among you has never fantasized about stealing a Macintosh computer, converting it into a 2-wheel-drive electric scooter, and zipping around town on it? (Really? Just me and Keith?) Over the years since then, the Boxx has popped up on the radar here and there, but I have never heard of one being spotted in the suburban wilds. And I have to admit, my enthusiasm for it has waned. It's a cool machine to be sure, but it never really seemed to materialize and the website has barely changed over the years.

Imagine my surprise today when a Boxx Scooter ad showed up on the local Craigslist:

You can check it out for yourself here:

Boxx - The 1 meter vehicle

I want the Boxx M (54mph!!!) at the Boxx E price ($2997 - delivered!), but the one in the middle looks very Goldilocksian for my needs - just right. I'll take mine in blue.

May you be the dork who enjoys the ride greenly!