Thursday, March 12, 2015

PCR: Our FoodIsFreeProject Update and the Noocity Version

Our favorite sailor man is going to be proud!

Impatience and urban farming...snagit! They don't go together too well, but I know that you are dying for an up date, so here goes:

Tiny non-GMO spinach!

We have spinach sprouting - indoors. The shoots are sharing a little of the LED grow light from the aquaponics setup and some indirect sunlight from a north-facing window. And they are growing quickly. (The photo was taken Monday. They have quadrupled in size since then.) The general consensus is that it is folly to do much planting here in Lubbock before mid-April. Even then it's a gamble.

Okay, that's it for our first garden; however, I did find something cool to share with you in vaguely the same neighborhood.

Let's say that you are one of those four people who have been following our self-watering garden project and you have been thinking that you want to do that, but you have more money than time and you live in a place where they have an ordinance against pallet-based construction and gosh-darnit you don't want to attract any ukulele-playing Austinites to your yard but gosh that garden is cool and so on and so forth.

Surely it's not better looking than ours....

Well, you are in luck! (St Patrick's Day is coming!) Somebody (Noocity) decided to build you pretty much the same garden and design it as a flat-pack so they can ship it to you easily. You can assemble it with no tools and you won't get dirty until you add your own dirt!

You can start checking it out in the Derek Markham article on TH, then follow the links to the Noocity website and their Indiegogo campaign. Have your Euro conversion table handy and be prepared for some Euro shipping too.

These modular urban gardening growbeds water themselves

May your thumb be Shamrock green and help you feed your veggie-loving neighborhood with truly local food!