Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Mini-Post: Solar-Powered Bicycle

Ok, I admit it, I am a double slacker today.

Photo from the TH post below
Slacker point 1: I have been gearing up for the National Bike Challenge, so I have been trying to ride the conventional bicycle as often as possible. But this morning was a little breezy and the forecast calls for sustained 25mph winds at the end of my work day. And I have a bad case of the Mondays. So I said no to the conventional bike and arm wrestled between the ebike and the non-e pickup. The ebike won. High winds and high temps are the reasons I wanted an ebike. It was a nice ride and I was breathing a little heavily when I arrived at work. I would have been breathing heavier had I ridden the regular bike.

Slacker point 2: I have been working on a solar-powered vehicle post.  While there are definitely limitations at this point in time, I find solar power to be the most logical and promising fuel for transportation, and I follow solar vehicle articles with a gleam in my eye. But I have been dragging my feet on the actual article.

So, here is a Lloyd Alter/Treehugger article about a solar-powered bike that is under development in Copenhagen. The video that accompanies it also gives you a nice little slice of life for bike commutuing in the world's most bike friendly city. The bike itself is a pretty conventional setup outside of the wheels that contain and transmit solar power. Enjoy!

It's a solar-powered electric bicycle. Now we're talking. Again.

May your vehicle fuel itself sustainably!