Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Better (than my) Rain Barrel

Last year, Keith, Swartzy, and I had a rain barrel party in the driveway. And it went well. We took some free plastic barrels (Thank you, Grizz!), added some hardware, did a little cutting and drilling, and came up with some pretty effective rain barrels. And I have been amazed at how much rain we collect each time it rains. Actually, it fills up so quickly that most of the water has to be diverted. The 55-gallon barrel fills up long before the rain stops.

I hope to build three more rain barrels soon in order to take advantage of every drop I can.

 Photo from the CAGW post
A few days ago I ran across a Crafting a Green World post about a slightly different rain barrel approach that has a number of distinct advantages over the ones we made last year. The featured barrel uses less hardware and that hardware is easier to install. It has better provisions for filtration and mosquito avoidance, and it should be easier to service and clean out. I also like the idea of a cinder-block base. It is, however, lacking any type overflow. All in all, it looks like an improvement over mine, so I thought I'd share it with you, dear reader.

Check Out My [CAGW] Rain Barrel

May not a drop be wasted at your home!