Thursday, May 28, 2015

Vintage + Electric Conversion = Droolworthy e-Truck

I like old stuff.

I like environmentally friendly stuff.

I like recycled stuff.

So I really like to see when somebody takes an old gas-powered thing and turns it into a revitalized electric thing. VW's, Corvairs, Minis, minibikes, scooters, motorcycles, lawnmowers - all of these have inspired Mesquite Hugger posts. I have even converted a minibike and a scooter, and I have two more scooters that I hope to convert some time in the next decade. The idea of vintage cool combined with modern efficiency - just wow!

And I really like to see old trucks being converted. They are plentiful, light, easy to access, reasonable to restore, and snagit, they are cool.

Photo from the build blog

A 1935 Chevrolet truck showed up on EVAlbum today, and it fits the bill on all counts. It even looks bone stock - until you look under the hood. It has a lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack and maintains a great deal of the original running gear, including the original transmission. Here is the build blog so that you can learn more about it.

My 1935 Chevy Pickup Restoration and EV Conversion Project

May you be inspired to go green and to do so in retro style!

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