Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Solar Kickstarter Coffee-Napkin Minipost: UNplug your fridge off-grid!

(Still shot from the great video)

As you may have figured out, Grizz and I talk a lot, but we do very little. We meet most days for coffee, and on the really good days, we design and scheme. We solve all the world's problems on some days, but most days we look at getting a little bit off-grid. A common discussion for us is the thought of small-scale solar - taking one appliance at a time off grid. Our first victim is always the refrigerator.

UNplug Treehugger article

So, today when I saw a Derek Markham Kick Your Fridge Off-Grid article on Treehugger, I got pretty excited. Then I watched the Kickstarter video and became downright tickled. I hope you enjoy it as well.

UNplug Kickstarter page

May you not break your toe when kicking the fridge (off-grid)!

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