Monday, July 27, 2015

ATX 8080 Update Minipost - Snagit! They cancelled the Kickstarter

On the updates section of the Kickstarter campaign this message appeared:

Dear Backers - we wanted to thank you for your response on Kickstarter - and the many positive supporters on our social media platforms, but we have decided to end our campaign. Please look out for information from Austin Electric Powersports in the future.

I did not find anything else on their website about the cancellation, but the website still has provisions for reserving one of the first 500 (and a chance to win one of two different t-shirts).

I really hope that this scooter makes it to full production. Godspeed, electric scooterists!

May your drawing-board dreams become a reality!

In case you find yourself in Austin and want to check out some electric scooters that have made it into production, be sure to stop by Electric Avenue Scooters to see what they have in stock. Grizz and I really enjoyed our last visit.

(I apologize for the goofy formatting.)