Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lubbock Electric Vehicle Sightings this Week 7-29-15

Monday we saw a black Tesla Model S on Milwaukee Avenue. It is the first I have seen in town. (Yes, I know, we live in the sticks, all 250,000 of us.)

Speaking of living in the sticks, I went by Battery Joe's on 19th Street yesterday  and saw this little armbreaker for sale: (Skateboards and the Mesquite Hugger = lots of pain.)

36 Volts and 800 Watts. This thing should be pretty fast. $600. (Eek)

On Craigslist this week, a cheap Panterra Electric Scooter (needing work) popped up:

Oh, the temptation! Have I always dreamed of owning a Panterra Electric Scooter? No. Would I love to have a 750Watt 48 Volt complete running gear with lots of re-usable parts AND a brushless hubmotor for the next FrankenProject? Absolutely. All of that for $175! Alas, I have vowed to drastically limit spending and to stop bringing more projects junk home. So you other mad scientists can have at it, snagit!

Finally, the most tempting EV in town lately has been a Used Chevy Volt on a local car lot:

It is only the second used Volt I have seen in town. I would be more tempted by a Leaf, but I have never seen a used Leaf for sale around here.

So, there you have it - four EV sightings in one week! (You have to start somewhere.)

May your ride be joyous and non-polluting, and may you stay out of the emergency room!