Friday, August 21, 2015

If I could afford a Tesla Model S... (Electric Car Dreaming)

Spotted in a CVS parking lot!!
In the past few weeks I have seen 5 Teslas out on the road. And they are phenomenally cool cars. Actually, they may be too cool for a middle-aged, middle-classed, ordinary, average guy like me. I can't see myself owning one or spending that much on a single vehicle. I do love what the car represents, which is a big ol' nose tweeking to GM, Ford, Nissan, KIA, VW, etc. to show all the whiners that a realistic gasless car can be done and done successfully. I am very thankful for Tesla and look forward to the day when they introduce an electric car for the common man, woman, or person of whatever gender. (Come on, Model 3!) Until that day...

...I'd buy my wife a Ford Fusion Energi (the PHEV model - Roughly $25,000 after incentives for a new one.) The freedom to use it as a plug-in electric car or a long-range hybrid road tripper, well it's hard to beat that for the primary family car. And, she's that person whose phone goes dead often. She has an impressive number of virtues and charms, but keeping a battery charged - not so much.

If a tadpole had wheels...(MiEV)

I'd buy myself a used Nissan Leaf (even though I still have a strange affinity for a Mitsubishi MiEV.)
I keep running across used Leafs for $9000-$10,000 and used MiEVs for $6500-$9000) and I'd put a new(er) engine in my little truck Lucy while dreaming that someone will build me a little hybrid or electric truck. It's hard to live without a little truck around, especially when your brain gets all Mesquite Huggery and needs barrels, pallets, etc. (Oh, the hypocritical irony.)

Leaf Pickup?!!!
Then I would pay off the Fabulous Young Lady's undergraduate education...


ElectroPigeon 2 and Spencer!

...and I'd order ElectroPigeon #2 some bad mamajama electric running gear.

A place unlike Lubbock, Texas
And I'd take Fabulous Wife Lady on a long-deserved trip to someplace very unlike our home town.

Or I might chuck the whole plan and go buy us a tiny smaller home, then sell our house and see how much closer that gets us to something that looks like retirement. (Curse you, practical side of the brain!)

Until I reach that point, however, I will pour another quart of oil in Lucy and do my best to limit my driving. I have a virtue or two as well, but bringing home the excess bacon - not so much.

May you find yourself with a better solution than what currently gets you around and may it be within your budget.