Friday, August 21, 2015

More Funky Electric Vehicle Temptations - August 2015

Temptation, snagit!

Let me start this by saying that the budget is tight and that I have too much stuff already. So, I won't actually pursue any of this stuff, and I have the dream of one day riding an ElectroPigeon, so there's no need for distraction. But distraction, it keeps the brain a-hopping!

Tempting Suzuki on the right, cool old Triumph on the left

You may remember a few weeks back when I wrote about temptation that arose when I took a friend to a motorcycle shop. I conflictedly fell in love with a little Suzuki motorcycle, but the conflict came with the fact that it burns gasoline. And I have no plans of bringing home extra gas burners. I saw one this weekend in a parking garage in Arlington, and it was cool and very desirable for a gas burner, but...we already talked about that. The appeal of a small motorcycle is that it is an economical and highly enjoyable form of suburban transport. And this one, like me, looks old, but, unlike me, it's new and reliable and has a fairly significant range. But it's counterproductive to one of my main goals - personal carbon reduction. I don't need a Suzuki.

So, I went off and found myself an electric Yamaha on And it's a lot more like me. It's not too pretty, has been around the block a time or two, and it was worn out and resurrected a bit. And, at $1500, it's less expensive, but it's on the West Coast. And there's still the ElectroPigeon(s) to consider.

While on EV Tradin' Post, I also ran across a good deal on a Toyota truck electric conversion, and it is located in Austin. It's always encouraging when they are closer to home. At $2000 (needs batteries) it could be a very good deal for someone needing to run around town in  a small truck.

A few days ago I was discussing with my wife how I think that an ideal platform for a solar powered electric vehicle would be a very small van. And then it appeared on Ebay. A 1980 Electric Subaru - it's definitely more expensive than the other two, but look at the potential. And, if I could make the solar panels look like surfboards on the roof...The ElectroKahuna! (It's amazing I'm still married!)

While on Ebay, I also noticed this lovely Citicar with a really low bid so far. So cool.
May your temptations lead to funky, healthy things and places.
PS. Happy birthday, JG!