Thursday, September 3, 2015

(Electro)Pigeon's Progress 9-2-15

Yes, I know it's been six weeks since the last ime I showed progress/worked on ElectroPigeon 1, so for those of you keeping up with this particular mechanical saga, I did squeeze in an hour last night to work on the bike. Progress happened! The back of the body came off. the motor came out, and the rear swingarm came off. We are getting down to bare bones!

Look, Ma! No motor!

I learned last night that she's definitely a 1959 C-75 Riverside Waikiki. (What do you think? Should we name her Kiki?) I have been happily surprised that most of the bolts unscrew easily. (My last Vespa dismantle involved lots of snapping and grinding.)

Look, Ma! No rear wheel!
The next big steps are to get the body pieces off of the front, to clean the frame, and to pack and label all the pieces. Then it's time to start dismantling the donor EVT bike. (And it does indeed feel better to make progress!)

May you have joy in progress soon!