Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Random: Lubbock on a Bike with Leaf Envy, More Temptation, and another Bug

Look who showed up on the porch near all of the olla planters

I finally rode the bike to work today. I love riding in the fall. It rained yesterday, so (thanks e e cummings) the world is mudluscious and puddlewonderful. And, it's staying darker longer, so drivers are more likely to see my strobing lights. And mid-sixties feel good on my skin as I ride. I saw two mockingbirds and lots of great fall flowers. Good stuff. So much better than fighting traffic in my little truck.

However, I did see the Nissan Leaf guy on Utica this morning and felt much more plug-in envy than normal. Work has had me hopping lately, so I have been driving a lot more and biking a lot less. I've had a number of thirty-forty mile days instead of my normal 10. And, back in the National Drive Electric Week, I stupidly opened up a big ol' can of temptation. My wife and went to look at the white Leaf I wrote about. We loved the car, and it was a really great deal, but we did the math and figured out that we are not quite wealthy enough to buy it wisely. But all of this driving has made me want to go electric very badly. And my wife drives that much on most days.

Speaking of temptation, it's time to cut back on it a bit lot. You see, I have way too much stuff and I have a bad internet habit. (The two are closely related.) Every day I check Craigslist for bicycles, motorcycles, electric devices, and battery-powered devices. Sometimes I search solar, barrels, and free as well. Then I go to and look at all of the vintage scooters and parts. Then I go to and check out the used electric bike stuff. A few times per week I go and check out electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and conversion components. Finally, I head to ebay once per week to see what funky vintage electric cars pop up this week. I've got it bad. Each week I find at least one thing that tempts me royally and I spend entirely too much time trying to fugure out how to afford and justify the purchase. So, next week, I am going cold turkey. The only way I will go to any of those sites will be to post things for sale. Please say a prayer for me and/or send over some methadone and near beer.

May you avoid temptation, enjoy a bike ride, and appreciate your neighbors no matter how small (and green) they are.

PS. Do you think I should ask the landlord at work for a big yellow ramp?