Friday, July 22, 2016

Fossil Free Friday Random: Electric Postal Trucks?!!!

Postal Truck as Solar Electric Surf Wagon(?)
They're like twins - right? (Find it here.)

It started, as many FFF posts do, with an ill-advised trip to Craigslist Land. That trip unearthed a $400 postal Jeep, which prompted a group email to my vehicle-mad-scientist buddies. (Me, I have wanted to build an electric rat-rod postal Jeep as one of my 400 dream projects.) One of them responded with an article stating the USPS will soon retire the Grumman LLV postal truck fleet. That made me dream of Econolines and VW Microbuses and KurbWatts and then I googled "custom Grumman LLV" and...well, it just kept going from there.

This one is cool - love the ladder
Looking good in red
In all my searching, I found another thing I really like - an infographic. I love infographics, and I like them even better when they make the case for electrification - bright colors, cool graphics, compelling statistics - what more could a Mesquite Hugger want? Be sure to check this one out!

See the whole infographic here
Where is all of this leading? Nowhere really - just another cul-de-sac on the road to electrification. But it does give a great run-down on the practical side of using electric vehicles for fleet operations. If you work for a company that has a local fleet, it's well worth the read. Heck, you may find a way to save lots of money AND create a healthier world!
May you enjoy the ride and may it be green!