Friday, September 11, 2015

It starts Saturday - National Drive Electric Week! (But not here.)

Fellow Lubbock people, if you want to attend the nearest NDEW event, you need to leave home early on Saturday, September 19. It's a five-hour drive east to Gapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine, Texas - the Dallas area.

Click here for more info on the Grapevine event

Yep, Lubbock is not the place to hang out if want to see, learn about, and possibly test drive electric vehicles. I posted a few weeks ago to gage interest in NDEW locally and one person sent up a +1 (Thanks, AK!), so I plan to celebrate NDEW in my usual way - by posting stuff on the internet and by cruising around on the electric Vespa and maybe work on ElectroPigeon 1. I might even swing by the local Nissan dealer to see if they have a Leaf in stock that I can test drive.

As for the posting part - let's get things started with a movie marathon. Here are trailers for three films I highly recommend if you are considering driving electric: (All three are avaialable on Netflix and various other outlets.)

Who Killed the Electric Car? (A great film about a big step back)

Revenge of the Electric Car! (A happy sequel!)

Charge (Trailer for electric motorcycle racing documentary - Go, Cedric Lynch!)
May you enjoy your time in the seat!