Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Follow-Up On Our Napkin-Sketch Dream Bike: Bolt M-1 on Indiegogo

1000 watts or 5500 watts? Your choice

You may remember a few months back, a San Francisco company announced the Bolt M-1, an electric moped built on a Puch Magnum frame with some pretty standard (but impressive) electric motorcycle components. No? Then check it out here:

Electric Moped: Somebody built our napkin-sketch dream bike!

Well, it looks like things are progressing well at Bolt. They now have a bigger shop and an Indiegogo campaign that is showing lots of progress. Is it cheap? No, but $5000 is not out of line for what you are getting in components, engineering, and capabilities. (I still find it curious that they have chosen to keep the voltage so low, but conventional wisddom isn't always so wise.)

Are you a DIY type with money, time, and tools? If so, you could build a similar bike for yourself and (maybe) save some money.

Are you planning on staying in economy mode and keeping it around 20 mph? Get an electric bicycle and save a lot of  money, weight, and shipping costs.

If you plan on using the sport mode, however, this may be the bike for you. A very cool bike for you. A very cool bike that does not burn gasoline and could stay under a lot of radars. I still want to have the head-to-head shoot-out with the Bolt, the Boxx, and the Fido. (Where is that high-powered electric-vehicle-testing job I have been praying for?)

May you end up with the transport you deserve!