Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A few holiday e-bike deals showed up in my inbox, 2015

The emails are coming in, all of those holidays deals on this and that and whatever else. And I am a little torn. You see, I am no fan of all the holiday consumerism. I am especially not a fan of any company that tries to sell you something on Thanksgiving or wants you lining up at their door on midnight of the day after. I am really not a fan of Black Friday shopping.

On the other hand, I am a fan of electric vehicle adoption, and lower prices mean more EV adoption.

So let's talk EVELO Electric Bicycles and Rad Power Bikes.

EVELO has two things going on - a collection of mid-drive bikes and a pretty cool powered wheel conversion kit called the Omni Wheel. The mid-drives are their own design and they seem to have a pretty legit product line. The bikes start around $2100, the Omni Wheel starts around $1200. And their Black Friday sale starts (!@#$%) on Thanksgiving and will get you somewhere close to 20% off depending when you log in.

Now, the one I am more excited about - you know me and my obsession with cargo bikes - is the Cyber Monday sale at Rad Power Bikes.You have possibly seen my ramblings about the RadWagon. Rad Power sent me an email about the Cyber Monday sale, but they did not give any price cut details, just a teaser. (Rad Power, thank you for waiting until Monday!)
The RadWagon costs $1700. The RadRover is $1500. Who knows what the sale will be? If it's a BOGO sale, give me a call!
May you find an e-bike or a powered wheel under your tree, and may it carry you on many petroleum-free adventures and commutes.
PS. I'll let you know if you I get any more cool emails.