Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankful 2015: A very incomplete MH list

for people who fight to improve our world, to conserve and protect nature, and to serve those in need
for people who strive for better (rather than more)
for each day I have the opportunity and the health to ride a bike and leave the car behind
for every great blue heron, horny toad, and possum that (safely) crosses my path
for people who rescue strays and strays who rescue people
for a season of learning to garden
for pipelines not built
for the freedom and opportunity to write this blog
for each and every person who takes time to read this blog
for those who invest in and develop clean energy
for those who acknowledge man-made climate change and work to slow it
for everyone who reduces consumption, who recycles, who repurposes
for family, friends, and my amazing wife who tolerate my MH nagging
for people who believe differently but seek common ground
for my Savior who sustains me
May your thanks list completely overwhelm your adversity list. Thank you, friends!