Friday, November 27, 2015

A Global Climate March in Lubbock, Texas?!!!

A good friend of mine has this quote hanging on her wall. I always agree.

I apologize. Once again, it's too little too late on my part.

I've had the global climate march on my mind. I always think of climate marches being in places where significant numbers of people who believe in and give a damn about the effects of climate change. I seldom see such things around here. But they got me with that "global" word. And I have been finding a little more hope lately.

So, I went to the oracle and typed in "climate march lubbock". I learned about our local weather in March. So I typed "global climate march lubbock texas" and the 8th suggested site was titled Global Climate Marches in Texas from And I got excited - there was a march listed for Lubbock at 1pm Sunday on the Texas Tech campus. So I clicked on the link. And it was a dead link. I did a few more searches. The Texas Tech  official calendar had a listing for the march but only offered a link to start your own march.

So, there may or may not be a March on the campus on Sunday. I may or may not be there.

The struggle, and I imagine it's this for many of you too, is being too overwhelmed by the little picture to do anything about the big picture. I have been too busy finding ways to keep the stuff from falling apart and keeping the bill and tax collectors from taking away the stuff. Then I look up and realize there are climate marches possibly happening in two days.

May the woods be lovely, dark, and deep. May we find a way to march toward betterment and health.