Monday, November 9, 2015

All the stuff and Fall

Not the Leaf we usually have here

[Be warned - it's one of those whiny self-indulgent posts with no links and only the one pic.]

It's been a rough few weeks when it comes to stuff. Lots of stuff falling apart. The Dodge broke down last weekend - a throw out bearing. The little Ford broke down this weekend - a head gasket. The bicycle has been a blessing and so have the friends who have offered rides and vehicles and help.

Speaking of stuff, I bought a new shovel recently. I needed to bury my friend, Sasha, one of those dogs with a larger than life life and a smaller than life span. I am tired of buying stuff for such reasons.

I am tired of maintaining stuff, of having more stuff than I can maintain, of dedicating so much time, money, and worry to stuff, especially here as fall settles in.

Fall is a better time to dedicate to preparation for winter, a better time to gather with friends, a better time to see how the leaves change and to see which birds are migrating through. Yes, I grow tired of stuff overwhelming, domineering, controlling.

It may be time for one less car, time to trade that headache for a bus pass and a better jacket.

So here is to the minimalists, the tiny housers, the bicycle commuters, and those who have found ways to focus more on life than on consumption.

May your stuff not own you.