Friday, November 6, 2015

Lubbock on a Bike: Two Great Videos for Bike Commuting

It's been a carbon news whirlwind for me lately. All of the news about Exxon cover ups and Keystone pipeline shenanigans and a little bill called Keep it in the Ground. It's given me a lot of motivation to strengthen my own quest for personal carbon reduction. And the biggest part of that is transportation. It's been a good week for that - I rode a bike to work four days this week. My body is a little tired but my spirit is greatly lifted.

In case you crave some of that good feeling but do not know where to start, here are two videos to encourage and educate your inner cyclist.
This video, by the way, is from Grist
If you've been hanging around here much, you know that I am a bit obsessed with hauling stuff on a bike and hanging out with my favorite canines, I offer you this video from Mind the Gap:

And in case you are looking for cleaner forms of transport but the bike is just not the answer for you, here is a great (and very comprehensive) Green Living Ideas article to let you know what's out there.

May your spirit be lifted by the way your body is transported, and may your carbon be reduced.