Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yamaha Electric Motorcycle Videos

Before we get started, the PES2 is the street motorcycle, the PED2 is the dirt version. Do you see what they did there? If not, show it to your buddy and ask for a little help.
Video link here
If you're thinking X-Games or 200mph racing video, move along. There's nothing to see here. If you're thinking Tron or such, you may be in luck with the PES2 video. That video is very high tech and enhanced and makes one think that the Yamaha electric street machine is still more engineer dream stuff than it is a bike you will see on a showroom floor anytime soon. And it has lots of expensive high tech gadgets, and very expensive is already the bane of electric motorcycles. So, I don't put much stock in the PES2.

I hope they put out a Knight Rider edition that's signed by the Hoff and the teacher from Boy Meets World!

If you're looking for a slow and peaceful Zen-like cruise though the forest on a nice day, you are in much luck with this video. If you have hopes of seeing an electric Yamaha for sale in your local dealership, you may have a better chance with this one. I would sure find it tempting.  I had an electric motorcycle for a while that was very similar and (when it was running well) it was a joy to ride. It was quiet, light, easy, and I do the miss the experience a great deal. This video captures that experience very well. And it shows off a bike that looks very ready for the world.

After watching the video, they might not have needed to hire a pro rider for this one.
You can find the link to this video along with more details and lots of photos at Autoblog Green - one of my favorite daily reads.
May we reach a day when an electric motorcycle is a common sight.