Monday, January 25, 2016

DIY Tiny Biosphere

Do you ever stumble your way into somewhere else?

I have been looking lately ways to build convertible greenhouses and dome greenhouses and other garden structures. Sure, I have plenty to do, but spring looms. So, how did I find myself looking at a Make article on making your own mason jar biosphere? I blame it on the ghost shrimp.
Ghost Shrimp Care, Feeding, and Breeding (It gets a little personal sometimes.)
You see, crustaceans fascinate me. If you have ever watched a crawdad having lunch, you might feel the same. Part of it is just the alien-ness of crustaceans - once you get past the two eyes and a mouth thing, they just don't look much like us.

Ghost shrimp have that crustacean appeal - not only are they radically different, but you can see through them. (I am very thankful not to have that attribute, but it might make for healthier eating habits - "You've been eating Snickers again?!!!!")

So, for those of you dreaming of a greenhouse or aquaponics system but keep telling yourself that you don't have the time, money, space, chutzpah, or whatever, this may be the project for you.
May the scope of your DIY project be just right, and may your shrimp, snails, and plants thrive!