Thursday, January 21, 2016

Where we almost went - and may still go


Yesterday's post was somewhat recycled. While there are over six hundred published MH posts, there are more than fifty that are unfinished and may never seen the light of day. These are working titles for most of the blog posts that never made it to the Publish screen. Some are well thought out (by MH standards) and some are a few words, a photo, or a link. Yesterday's post was about 2/3 complete, so I finished it up and set it out there. Here are some more:
  • *The Motorcycle Fallacy ($)
  • The Dwindling Middle Class: Mesquite Hugger's Outlaw Status
  • Low Hanging Fruit - Conservation at Home
  • Challenge to Change
  • *DIY Greenhouses
  • How do I want to change this year?
  • La Fea y la Bonita - One Guy, Two e-Bikes
  • Bird Life Betterment
  • The Carbon-Munching Garden 2015 Wrap Up
  • We Lost My Older Brother One Year Ago Today
  • Another DIY Bike Trailer
  • Middle Class Near the Oilfield
  • *To Be a Car-Friendly Cyclist
  • National Drive Electric Week Shorts
  • *How much do you pay for cool?
  • Green Consumerism (It's Tricky)
  • Introverted Sidebar: Do You or Would You Write?
  • A simpleton's wishlist
  • Rain Chain
  • *Solar Car
  • dog poop (compost the crap out of it)
  • Eco-Consumerism Conundrum
  • Crows vs Ravens vs Grackles
  • The Earn-A-Bike Co-Op
  • Dome House
  • Bike Angel
  • *Mesquite Hugger Math
  • Route 66
  • Cargo Bike Family
  • Petroleum-Free Transport - How it started for me
  • How well can you afford to eat?
If you see an asterisk beside a title, there is a very good chance that post will eventually be finished. The others, well, let's just say they are composting. If there are any you'd like to see resurrected, let me know.

May your published list greatly outnumber your incompletes. Have a great day, and thank you for reading!