Friday, February 19, 2016

Lubbock on a Bike: A Tiny Personal Milestone Reached

It's been a good week to be on a bike. I rode the regular bike to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I rode Bridget, the electric bike pack mule, yesterday. I rode the regular bike today. That gives me a full week of non-petroleum-based work commuting. WOOHOO!!!

Yep, it's the carbon-neutral-transport-for-poor-boys plan. It's also the lose-weight-and-lower-your-blood-pressure-for-obese-middle-aged-guys plan. Maybe it's the save-money-for-eco-simpletons plan.

Any way you go about it, it's a big step in my quest for Personal Carbon Reduction. Am I single-handedly saving the world? Absolutely not. It's barely a scratch, but that old saying about the journey of a thousand miles...

So come with me. Jump on a bike. Take a walk. Recycle. Conserve water. Plant a small garden. Replace an old bulb with an LED. Join the CCL. Keep your body and your mind moving in better directions. Find a milestone and reach for it. Then find another.

May you get better and better with each single step (and have a great weekend!)

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