Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Little Advice About Stuff and Things

[Advice I wish someone had given me over and from the time I left high school (or maybe earlier)]

Stop looking for stuff to buy. Start looking for things to do.

I get it. We are human beings. We have big brains. We have opposable thumbs. When brains and thumbs get together, we start wanting. We want lots of things. And when we get those things we start looking for new things to want. Eventually, lots of us end up buried in things and stuff.

That's me. Absolutely buried. And I spend lots of time worried about what to do with all the stuff. Especially all the broken and neglected stuff. And it just keep breaking too. It's a monster that seldom lets up.

Monday I had a really crappy day. And it refused to get better. I went to bed early because I wanted that crappy day over. I got up Tuesday with a residual crappiness hangover.

I went to coffee and got to see Knippa, Grizz, the Canadian Knievel, and JB. Some of the crappiness melted away. Then I headed to work on the bicycle. After 3 miles I had a moment. I was riding down a long, paved alley - you'd be surprised how peaceful those can be. As I rode along I heard a lot of honking. I looked up and saw a few hundred Canadian geese flying over. I stopped pedaling and coasted. I was in a trashy alley in a Texas panhandle town on a garage-sale bike, and it was magical.

Yep, I know it sounds crazy, but time with good people, appreciated moments, and small accomplishments bring a lot more peace and joy for me these days than things do. And there are fewer monsters involved.

May your wealth be in experiences and may they not be covered in dust.

PS. Watch The Story of Stuff already!