Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday Morning Musing: Art

There must be art.

Middle class and middle aged - I find myself defined these days by worry. I would like that not to be true, but...

Last night, my beautiful bride and I went to see Black Violin perform at the local university. It was a sold out crowd and these guys were phenomenal musicians. I saw my wife dance with joy. I found myself in awe, I found myself smiling, I found myself laughing. I even found myself swaying and clapping (which is pretty darned good for a stiff guy like me). Did I mention that I saw my wife dance with joy?

She and I don't seek out enough art. We keep ourselves caught up in the worry and bustle (and exhaustion) of everyday life. But last night was a very good night.

May you find yourself dancing with joy this week and may your worries melt away for a bit!