Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Falling in love again (again); Isetta Electric (Drool!)

[Steve Hanley, you are an evil bringer of eco-friendly temptation - keep 'em coming!]

Ah, microcars. Everyone loves them. Very few really want one. My first microcar love was the BMW Isetta. Strangely enough, I knew of four separate ones around the dusty, Texas, oilfield town where I grew up. I loved them and had no intention of ever being seen in such a thing. My second microcar love came when I fell in love with ALL things Vespa. I want a Vespa 400 to this day and I would happily be seen in almost all vintage microcars. Any time I see one, I think to myself, Mesquite Hugger, that would make a really cool electric car!

Apparently, I am not the only one. Check it out!

If you are in North America, the only important piece of knowledge is this - it ain't coming here, snagit!
All of the other information makes that first piece even more frustrating.
  • cruising speed around 55mph (Would you really want to risk this thing at 80?)
  • range of about 75 miles
  • room for 2 cozy people
  • people would ask it was the Erkel car
  • targeted price $10,000-ish
If you do not want one yet, just watch the video:

 Micro is a Swiss company that is best known for making an electric scooter, the eMicro One, but it's hard to get excited about a little scooter after seeing the electric Isetta.

In case you are now curious about the Vespa 400 microcar, I am throwing in a pic of my dream vision of the MH company car.

Find the real pic and many other Vespa 400 pics here

May you someday live your dreams!