Thursday, April 7, 2016

Minimalism sidebar: Do smartphones go to heaven when they die? (updated)

[Dedicated to Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios]

Yes, I know. It's sacrilege. I am thinking of giving up my smartphone.

My IC chip is going out. I did some looking. I can get a very basic flip phone for $49.99. And I could knock our bill down a bit by dropping data on this line. I could walk away from a lot of distractions, save money, and possibly get closer to finding a little simplicity.

We could also afford some things we've cut back. (I could ride a scooter legally!)

But I'd be giving up a lot.

Blogging and sharing blog posts would be much tougher.
Giving up the talk-to-text feature and the ability to take and share quick photos would be huge.
Instant weather forecasts I would miss.
A big one would be giving up the National Bike Challenge - no ability to use the tracking app.
Constantly having a novel, a bible, a camera, and youtube in my pocket has really spoilt me.

But here's the big question - is it cruel to disconnect yourself from your smart-phoned people?

Is life a little harder for others when they can't reach you so easily, can't group text you, can't share contacts?

It's probably a moot point - I am an info addict, but I keep looking for ways to simplify, to de-clutter, and to live within our means. Is this one of those ways?

May you have better grasp of all this than I do.

BTW, I want a smartphone like this one rather than the one I will end up with. Check it out! (I really suck at minimalism)
[4/8/2016 I got another smartphone with a better camera, snagit!]