Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Seeking Simplicity

I sat on the front porch a few evenings ago soaking it all in. (Soaking it all in means not looking at my phone / watching the comings and goings of neighbors / and admiring the birds.) And this day I had a special treat - an extremely young (still fuzzy) squirrel was digging about in our yard.

Really, it wasn't that peaceful - barking dogs, bumping stereos, frat-boy neighbors - but it was the most peaceful I have felt in a little while.

And I want more of that.

I rode the bike to work this morning thinking about that desire for simplicity. And I realized that the bike provides some of that. The gardening supplies some of that. Walking the dogs in the park supplies some of that.

So be watching for pics of bugs, frogs, weeds, veggies, and weird stuff in alleys. If you see some of that, know that I have found a bit of the simplicity. If not, swing by, kidnap me, smash my phone, and drop me in nature.

May you find some peace this week.