Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Vanmoof: Another Gorgeous (and attainable) Electric Bike

The winds in Lubbock today are 25-35mph. It's not climate change (although I am a firm believer that climate change is real and man-made). This is just spring in West Texas. The wind definitely blows here. These are the days that create my appreciation for electric bikes. You see, most electric bikes are not about top speed, they are about average speed. I normally average 11-12 mph on my conventional bicycle when I commute home. If I were riding today that average would be more like 7 mph (and I would be dead tired when I reached home). On a low-powered electric bike, that average would be 13-14 mph and I would still have energy to function as a human being after work. Electric power negates wind and hills. Electric power makes it possible to ride more often.

Today is a day to appreciate electric bikes.

Speaking of electric bikes, one of those Where Are They Now? electric bikes has reemerged in the last few days - the Vanmoof. (Man, that's fun to say!)

When I first saw articles about the Vanmoof, I had a lot of pre-conceived notions, a few of which are proving to be wrong. First, I thought gorgeous + European + shipping to the States = there's no way us mere mortals can afford this one. Second, I thought it didn't matter because we will probably never see it in the States anyway. Yep, I was wrong.

The Vanmoof is available for pre-order now with a June (of 2016!) shipping date. It's priced at $3000 (cheaper than a bike I hold in similar esteem - the Faraday Porteur) but it has a $1000 discount if you pre-order. And shipping to the States is only $120. Did I mention that the thing is simple and gorgeous? Did I mention the built-in lights and lock? Or the battery pack that is contained within the frame? That it only weighs 40 pounds? That it has a (pedal-assisted) range of 30-70 miles? Are you starting to see the long list of virtues contained within this really nice package?

May we continue to see this kind of e-bike evolution - more beautiful, more functional, and (a little) more affordable!
How about you, dear reader? What do you think of the Vanmoof?