Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lubbock on a Bike: Bike Challenge Update and a Cheap Cargo Bike in Town

Okay, let's get straight to the sexiness - there's a retro cargo bike on the Lubbock Craigslist Bike Parts section. It's simple, strong, and quite a buy at only $100. Act now - it can't stick around long.

Cooler than a shopping cart cargo bike! And already built!
As for me and my pedal-powered quest for personal carbon reduction, it's going pretty well:

Blue are the days I've ridden in June. I was out of town on all but one of the white days. It's progress.
The new (to me) mountain bike commuter is holding up well. The homemade panniers are holding up with a little tweaking here and there. The legs and lungs are doing better than ever. Most important, the Dodge truck is gathering dust most days.
And I am still happier on the days I ride. I may not be saving the world, but it's a pedal in the right direction.
May we all pedal something in the right direction!