Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Different Climate Change: Intro

Normally, this blog is loosely related to man-made climate change and ways to limit its impacts on our ability to survive and possibly even thrive. This week, however, I want to encourage you to battle a different type of climate change - the rise of hatred and fear.

Racism, politics, terrorism - all are powerful forces in spreading panic, fear, and isolation. If you add to that our growing dependence on electronic media, it's really easy to lose sight of the blessings that surround us and sink into despair.

Take a deep breath.

This week I want to offer a few steps to get started - not because I am any kind of expert but because I have been working on those steps for myself. Lately I've been in a blogger funk. It's been a little hard to stay excited about the latest electric bicycle or the amazing things people are recycling when every day you learn of a new mass shooting or act of hatred carried out on the world stage and dissected over and over on the news or whichever form of social media you depend on.  So I have dropped back to about one post per week and I have struggled to write those.

So let's start over.

Hi. My name is Daniel and I am an eco-blogger. And I don't want to isolate myself from the world. I want to work back toward hope in dark times. And I am inviting you to go with me. Here's the list:

Monday - Smile (at others)
Tuesday - Appreciate
Wednesday - Share
Thursday - Be Quiet
Friday - Move (Not to a different town)

It won't be anything amazing or revolutionary, but it will be an honest approach, and that has to be worth more than grumbling and pointing and crying. (There will be plenty of time for those later if you find that you miss them.)

May it be a good week for us both and for those who cross our paths.

As always, thank you for reading!