Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Different Climate Change: Tuesday - Appreciate

Now that's a pothole! (Find it here.)

Years ago I took a motorcycle safety class. One important lesson I learned there is how NOT to hit a pothole. (Potholes are bad enough for car drivers, but they can be downright deadly for motorcyclists.) The trick is simple - don't stare at it. Instead, you should direct your eyes to the path that will help you avoid the pothole. It's true - if you stare at an object on the road, your bike will head straight  for that sucker. It's amazing how valuable that simple lesson has been for me.

[Blogger sidebar - we still need to fix the pothole, but we have to make sure the pothole doesn't take us out first. More about that later this week.]

So, now it's time to answer a question: What are your potholes?

For most of us, the pothole list is easy -  the things that make us angry, scared, nervous, depressed, worried...

Now that you have your list - quit looking at it. Don't ignore it; don't act like it's not there. But don't make it your only focal point.

Instead, take a little time each day to focus on what you appreciate. Whether that means counting your blessings, spending time with good people, meditating, praying, or looking at the way light filters through willow leaves; be sure to temper dark times with uplifting moments. Consider it vitamin B for the brain.

May you keep the shiny side up and thrive to fight another day.

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