Friday, July 1, 2016

Fossil Free Friday: A Vintage Electric Motorcycle (story)

Sometimes you run out of inspiration. No new electric vehicle news has gotten me all hot and bothered this week. I thought about doing a story on vintage VW Beetle electric conversions, but it looked a little overwhelming, so I went to the expert - I googled "electric car Lubbock" to see what popped up. Shockingly, I found a lot of pics and posts from a dork called Mesquite Hugger. So I kept looking and stumbled across this rather intriguing photo:

That EV grin existed way back in 1970!

The photo came from a small newspaper from Moraga, California (a little bit east of Oakland). The article in the Lamorinda Weekly is from 2012 and tells about a local high school team that built an electric motorcycle and competed in a cross-country challenge - The Clean Air Race of 1970. They built it using a Honda motorcycle chassis powered by a 1928 Dodge starter motor. And they successfully travelled from Massachusetts to California. How's that for a cool high school experience?

You may be scratching your head wondering about the Lubbock tie in. (I did.)

"In Lubbock, Texas Muir said they slept behind some bushes near city hall."

Mystery solved. Inspiration gained.

Big fairing - check. Peace sign - check! EV grin - absolutely!
May your Friday be fossil free and may your grin be contagious!