Thursday, August 18, 2016

Razor Does It Again! My new favorite EV - the Street Fighter!

[Two electric motorcycle posts in one week - unheard of.]

It happens at least four times each year - I find myself wanting a motorcycle: Spring, summer, fall, and mild winter days.

You may not think so after reading the post earlier this week, but I really like motorcycles. The simple act of riding one engages my brain in a way few other things do - leaning, shifting, braking, not getting run over - it's all exhilarating stuff. It takes up a lot more of your consciousness than most activities in life. And I find it highly addictive. It's also expensive, impractical, and downright dangerous. This is why I find myself wanting a motorcycle instead of having one.

On top of all that, it's hard to find a decent, affordable, electric motorcycle, and I am doing my darnedest to give up fossil fuels. So, snagit, no more motorcycles for me. But they still catch my eye.

One of my favorite gas-powered motorcycles is the Ducati Monster. I love the lines, I love the trellis frame, I love the shape. I just don't like the internal combustion engine.

This Ducati parks in the parking lot outside my office every day, tempting me. If only it came in a less expensive, electric version.

Actually, now it does! It's just a little smaller than I had hoped:

For about $600 you can have one of these fully electric (junior) bad boys of your very own. It can go 17mph, run for more than 50 minutes per charge, and carry 220 pounds. Honey, I am going back on my diet again - only 20 pounds to go!

[My eco-hot-rodder brain has already been at work: new front forks, a heavy duty rear shock, 48 volts of lithium batteries, and an upgraded controller with regenerative braking. Yep, that little bike is gonna burn up the streets very quietly. Maybe I need to look at upgraded brakes and an air horn too!]

Honey, I know what you're getting for Christmas! I hope it comes in matte black (The Ducati Monster Dark is my wife's dream bike) by then!

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My we all find our dream vehicles, and may they not have tailpipes belching poisonous gases.