Friday, October 28, 2016

Fossil Free Friday: Tiny Truck, Blue Pony, Hayhoe Talks Texas

Ebay offered up a couple of cool electric oddballs this week:
I love this thing - a 1965 Mustang that is fully electric! If you're gonna drive electric, this is one sweet ride to do it in! This one is in Simi Valley, California.

On the more bare-bones side of things is this sweet little electric pickup that is titled as a truck - not a neighborhood vehicle - in Ohio. It's not quite my dream electric truck, but I'd definitely drive it, use it, and enjoy it! (Nissan, why no electric pickup? Carlos Ghosn, we need you on this one!)

Dr. H talks Texas Energy (Carbon and Renewable) on the latest episode of GW
If you've not yet caught it, check this one out! This is the third video in the Global Weirding series. They are short videos produced here in Lubbock in association with KTTZ and producer Jonathan Seaborn (who had a booth at the recent Get Your Green Up event at the TTU Museum). A new video is being released every other Wednesday. These definitely get the Mesquite Hugger two thorns up!
May y'all find a greener way to get around - even if you live in Texas!
PS. If you're running to Ohio to pick up the little truck, will you please pick up this little beauty (also on EBay)? Mesquite Hugger is needing a new company car and this one would fit right in  - I already have the t-shirt!