Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Get Your Green Up Follow Up (Lubbock, TX)

The Green Revolution Exhibit is still up at the Texas Tech Museum - get your hiney over there!
 I would love to post all the photos of the great exhibits and presenters and SPWRC birds of prey and all that good stuff. But I did not take any. And that is a very good thing. I can't even tell you much of what was going on. Once everything started, I never had a break. And that was awesome! I was invited by the Texas Tech Climate Sciences Center (Thanks, Breanna!) to talk to people about electric vehicles. Matt brought his Leaf, Jennnifer brought her Fusion Energi, and I threw an electric bike together to display. I also took along a bag full of tiny Teslas.

 Electric Bike over Marsha Sharp Freeway After the Event
And people came by! And they had questions! It was a good day to be the Mesquite Hugger! I had a chance to share my passion for carbon-free transportation with interested local people! After two hours had passed I looked up and found that mine was the last booth still standing and that people were still there wanting to talk! Thank you, Lubbock!
Trending questions and topics at the Mesquite Hugger EV booth: 
  • Where can I buy an electric bike?
  • Several people wanted to know where my (non-existent) e-bike shop is located.
  • People told me that Lubbock really, really, really sucks for bicyclists.
  • The Tesla Model 3 came up a lot.
  • How far? How fast? How much?
  • Very few people were aware of the Chevy Bolt's existence.
  • Very few people were aware of plug-in hybrids.
  • People were excited to learn about powered wheels (GeoOrbital, Evelo, Copenhagen Wheel, etc.)
  • Why does Lubbock really, really, really suck for bicyclists?
  • People were excited about the Rad Power Bikes brochures - the RadMini and the RadWagon prompted a lot of questions. (Rad Power team, thank you so much for sending those!)
  • What can be done about Lubbock's lack of bicycle infrastructure?
  • Why doesn't Lubbock have an electric bike retailer?
  • A surprising number of people asked about regen (electricity regeneration) on electric bikes.
  • Others thought that my e-bike was a generator.
  • Many were surprised to learn that our local Nissan dealer actually sells an all-electric car.
  • Most were surprised at how affordable electric cars can be to purchase, maintain, and operate.
  • A few people asked about the existence of electric-powered 3-wheeled bicycles.
  • Lots of people asked where the Mesquite Hugger name originated.
What did you miss out on if you weren't there?
  • The Heart of Lubbock's Neighborhood Garden (Hi, Beth!)
  • Texas Tech Recycling (I am a big fan!)
  • Texas Tech Wind Institute (They look like really big fans!)
  • One seriously awesome raven! (SPWRC) Hi, Daniel!
  • Native Texas plants and a local greenhouse that sells them*
  • Hydrogen power with Nick*
  • KTTZ/ Global Weirding
  • The Lubbock Master Gardeners
  • Lubbock Lake Landmark - Check out Bison Day!
  • High Plains Water District - Hello, Katharine!
  • Bugs!!!! (Texas Tech Entomology Club - you could even try mealworm snacks!)
  • Texas Agrilife Extension (Hey, Vikram!)
  • I got to meet Baron from A123 Recycling in person!
  • An LED guy was there with an electrical wholesaler from Lubbock - It think it was H and H*
  • The Texas Tech Climate Sciences Center (Hi, Kylie!)
  • A social media service that supports two great initiative for sustainable water use*
  • And a great talk from the always charming and inspirational Dr. Katharine Hayhoe!
  • [Apologies to the booths I did not mention]*
* Please send me your info and I will edit the post.
If you weren't there, I hate that I did not get to meet you and I sincerely hope you have a chance to meet some of the many people who are working hard to make our area healthier and more livable for all.
May you be surrounded with great neighbors!
PS. Special thanks to Bella, Devin, Linda, Chris, Barbara, Brian, Matt, Jennifer, and Grizz for being there!