Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Low-Hanging, Eco-Helpful Fruit for Everyday Life (Intro)

Sometimes it's okay to say it again.
While I was preparing for last week's big event, I spent some time on the EPA website. (Yes, I know that I am weird, but I like spending time there. I learn a lot.) This time I ran across this graphic on U.S. greenhouse gas emissions:
Yep, 56% of greenhouse gas emissions come from electricity generation and transportation. Holy moly! So, let's all scratch our heads and find someone to blame. Let's see...who in the US uses electricity? And who's out there using all that transportation? We need to find these people and have a serious talk!
So now for the serious talk, Self. Yes, we need to act on a bigger scale and look at businesses and governments and all kinds of big stuff. But we also need to take a look at ourselves. And ourselves are often pretty darned lazy when it comes to change. So, Selves, let's look at what we can easily do to make an impact.
What I am really trying to say here is that the next miniseries of posts will deal with very simple and low-cost ways for each of  us to shrink our carbon feetprints. These won't be the buy-an-electric-car-and-move-into-a-solar-powered-tiny-house-on-a-communal-organic-farm posts. These will be posts where we look at our light bulbs and our drafty windows and some of our consumer choices so that we can find better ways to go about our daily lives in an eco-friendly fashion.
While we're at it, I'll be highlighting some older posts where we already covered a few of these topics. For you followers on Twitter, please watch for the MH Rewind image:
As always, thank you for reading! May a little simplicity lead to a lot of improvement!
PS. Really - try the Carbon Footprint Calculator. It's amazing what you can learn!