Friday, November 4, 2016

Fossil Free Friday: A few new(ish) Electric Bikes

It's a fun time to follow electric bikes. There is something new all of the time. Here is what I am excited about in the last few weeks:

Rad Power Bikes: the RadCity

Our buddies in Seattle announced a new model this week - the RadCity. I watched the Electric Bike Review video of the RadCity yesterday, and it's had the temptation levels up for me. It's not a radical new concept or big game changer. It is a solid bike with a lot of thought put into useful details for someone who wants to use their bike for daily urban transportation. It has a built-in rack, high-powered (but not overstressed) running gear,  fenders, and a lot of durable components. Rad Power calls this a commuter bike. To me it's a commuter bike infused with a lot of mountain bike DNA to make it more rugged and useful. At 48 volts, 750 watts, and 60lbs, this thing is built to be a workhorse. And that appeals to me a great deal when I think of a do-it-all bike to live with everyday. So check it out!

28mph, $995, (temporary) free shipping (Wow!)

Next up are two new-ish offerings from Juiced Bikes.

Juiced has so far offered us two different bikes to choose from -  a cargo bike and a speed pedelec. While both bikes are appealing and not outrageously priced, Juiced just put out two new less-expensive variations of those bikes in the last few weeks. Woohoo! I like it when things get more affordable! So, if you've always wanted a Juiced but you were $500 short of the base price, you are now in luck!

 In the New to Us in the US and Canada department: The Italjets have landed.
When I was a kid, I lived near the Moto Guzzi motorcycle dealer. We'd ride our bicycles over and drool through the window at the shiny little Italjet dirt bikes - the stuff ten-year-old dreams were made of! When I was a young adult I went to the Ducati motorcycle shop and drooled over the Italjet scooters - the Dragster and the Velocifero. Well, now I can drool over Italjets again! And this time they are eco-friendly (but not in any way budget friendly.)
As per usual, I'll have to green!
You can learn more about Italjets in North America at Electric Bike Report.
See what I mean? Lots of cool developments!
May you find the one that helps you to go green so that we can all breathe easier! Happy Friday!
PS. I still want a RadWagon!