Friday, November 25, 2016

Food-Is-Free Planter in 2016 (Pics!)

Alternate title: horticultural moron has amazing success with a youtube recycle project.

The planter was a late bloomer this year, but well worth the while!

Sweet! (peppers)

Arugula grows fast!

Arugula gone wild!

Don't let your arugula get this big - super bitter!

 Siletz and celebrity tomatoes love the planter!

The 5-gallon Instructable - still going well!

Basil flowers 

Holy roly poly!

The ill-fated attempt to drown our roly poly problem

Very few tomatoes until October

November 5!

November 17 (at night)
November 18

November 18 (harvested before the first freeze)

November 20 (after freeze)


May your recycle projects bear fruit and give you a reason for thanks in the coming year!

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