Wednesday, November 23, 2016

More Holiday Cargo and E-Bike Deals (Minipost - 2/3 less calories)

If you don't like Radpower Bikes, or Yuba accessories, or Evelo products, or the Ariel N-Class, or building your own electric moped, move it along - there's nothing to see here.

This sale is color-dependent. Me, I'd rather have my Radwagon in Orange, but for $175 off, I could ride blue happily. And the RadMini looks tough in black, especially with the new fenders.
Yuba sent me an email today about new accessories they now offer. Did I mention that I almost got to touch a Yuba Cargo Bike this past weekend? So close!
The Go-Getter Bag looks sweet and useful!
Don't forget Yuba's Family Boda Boda Bundle sale, Evelo's Black Friday Scale Sale, Rad's (possibly still available) Radcity discount, or Ariel's N-Class sale.
And for those of you inspired to build a DIY Monday-Motors-type-machine, 1977 Mopeds has a big sale on this piece of coolness, but I am not sure how much it costs without the motor and with the discount and all that stuff.
Picture it with your electric motor instead of that nasty little gas/oil burner
May you satisfy your consumerist desires for something green to get you around cleanly!