Thursday, November 3, 2016

Low-Hanging Eco-Friendly Fruit: Cheating with the Before the Flood Followup

Shameless. Absolutely Shameless. When a lazy blogger just steals someone else's material for his blog content and puts it out there in a blatant attempt to make life better for the entire world. Yes, I am that scumbag! (Sometimes it feels good to be a scumbag and definitely furthers my rep as a bad mofo - I occasionally need that to counteract the reflective vest I wear while commuting on a bicycle.)

By the way, Before the Flood is available streaming (for free) this week only in multiple formats. Here it is on youtube.

I posted earlier this week about watching Before the Flood. And it was a shot in the arm for me as an eco-dork. (Even bad mofo eco-dorks need a little encouragement.) After watching the film, I went to the Before the Flood website so I could see what actions I could take. I found a list of 14 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Own Carbon Footprint.

Some of the fourteen we've already touched on in the Low-Hanging Eco-Fruit Series and others are on the list for future parts of that series. In the list you can find links to useful things like a carbon calculator and an electric car calculator and places to pledge and vote and good stuff like that. Those NatGeo people have their stuff together! They even have a link to eco-tip cards like this:

You know how excited I get about infographics!
So, please check out the list and see where you are what you can do next to help. We all need to be taking little steps, medium steps, AND big steps if we are going to make a difference, and snagit, we desperately need to make a difference.
May you find ways and inspiration to make very necessary changes.
PS. For those of you who need a little more drama in your Before the Flood coverage, here is Katherine Martinko's article where she explains that Leonardo, Fisher, and Scorsese wussed out: Leo DiCaprio plays it safe with his new film, 'Before the Flood'. (I like her!)
PPS. Check out the Citizens Climate Lobby - one of my favorite groups to help you take bigger steps.

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