Thursday, December 1, 2016

Follow-up on the Big Electric MiniBike

(and its little brother)

Once in a while here on Mesquite Hugger, we get all sentimental and delve into the past to see how our old crowd-funded friends are faring. In this case, we found that the family had grown a bit.

You may remember the Super 73 post back in June. Lots of people read that one. I think it struck a blast-from-the-past chord.

So I went back to see how things are going and found that Lithium Cycles now has a second offering - the Super 73 Scout.

I hope you like it in white!

This new maxi minibike is actually a bit of a stripped down version. And that's okay. Sure it has less power and less speed, but it also costs a lot less money. (Around here, we're all about that less money thing. In this case, it's about $1400 less. Yep, good stuff.)

So, what's the difference? I am glad you asked:

Maybe this will help.

Don't get too caught up on the lack of a beer holder. A plastic cup and some duct tape could work wonders. But a few of the other changes are worth talking about.

For me, the most disappointing deletion is the pedal assist followed by the move from a mid-drive motor to a hub motor. I really like hub motors, but in this case it moves the motor weight from the middle to the back where the battery and the rider are already keeping things a little off-balance.

Limey goodness!

Now that I rethink it, though, if I chose to ride about on a massive minibike, I might indeed be more worried about where to put my beer than how the thing handles at high speeds. So forget about that weight thing and bring on the duct tape!
Oh yeah - the bottle opener too.
What else do you give up on the Scout? Orange, Dark gray, Lime Green, Black Matte, and Desert Tan. Yep, the more expensive 73 comes in several colors. The Scout comes only in white.
Orange you loving this thing?
The original Super 73's purchased on Kickstarter are just beginning to roll off the assembly line and be delivered. The Scouts should start shipping in February.
So, what's it gonna be? Do you lean toward the Super 73 or the Super 73 Scout?
May you get to re-live your childhood dreams without having to put up with gasoline and muffler burns!