Wednesday, February 8, 2017

In case my Russian friends swing back by...Citicar/Comuta Car on EBay!

A few days back, a hailstorm of Russian websurfers swept through the Mesquite Hugger posts and paid special attention to a post about the origins of the Citicar (and Comuta Car). So I wrote a blog post about my hopes for this non-event. On the same day, I mentioned in another post (I know - I may have a problem) that I had not run across any of my tiny little dream cars for sale lately.

Well, I feel better now. There's a Comuta Car for sale on Ebay as I type this.

Ain't she purty!

There's already a bid and no reserve!

Baby got enough back to carry 2, maybe 3 bicycles!

Don't be checking out her undercarriage!

Tell me more!

Love the black stripe and the white top!
High tech controls, a 50mph speedo, and a shifter!
The heart of the beast!

She has provenance and woodgrain!

May my Russian comrades sweep back through and drive that red-car auction price through the ceiling! (I wonder how much shipping will be from Pennsylvania to Moscow.)