Thursday, February 9, 2017

Looking for a Trashy Valentine in Lubbock? Texas Tech can help!

Yep, it's that time again. The good people over at the Texas Tech Climate Science Center are having another Science by the Glass event, and this time it falls on Valentine's Day.
More info here: TTUCSC Science by the Glass
So, get your eco-friendly and/or alcohol-loving and/or alcohol-friendly-eco-loving friends/dates/co-workers/neighbors/closed-minded-enemies over to the Fox and the Hound at 82nd and Orlando next Tuesday (14 February 2017) to learn about something good happening right here in our own Lubbock.
I have seen a few presentations and displays from this group and can tell you that it will be informative and you'll learn some very cool stuff. (Did I mention that there's also a happy hour?)
Now, let's talk a little about Texas Tech Recycling.
Me, I am a big fan of the Texas Tech Recycle Center. Unlike the City of Lubbock's recycle program, Texas Tech accepts plastics grade 1-7, Styrofoam, and glass. You also don't need to sort everything - but they do appreciate it if you keep the glass separate for everyone's safety. They accept tin, aluminum, paper, packing material, and cardboard that has been broken down. On top of that, if your organization has lots of recycling, you can contact them and make arrangements to have them pick it up.
But there is much more to it than just recycling. The center also works to serve students and citizens of Lubbock by offering jobs and scholarships. They turn trash into all kinds of goodness!
Every other Thursday my family and co-workers pile their recyclables into the back of my truck and I haul them over to Tech.
The one and only recipient of the not-so-prestigious MHBTC award
But let's say that you don't work with an eco-dork (with a junky truck) like me but absolutely adore the idea of having someone swing by your place, pick up the recycling, and haul it over to Texas Tech for you. There are some really cool people in Lubbock who would love to help you out. Get in touch with Baron and Melissa over at 123 Recycling and they can make your recycling dreams come true!
In case you want to learn more but have other plans on Tuesday,
May you learn all you need to know, have a good time, and help Lubbock to be less trashy!
PS. Happy Valentine's Day, friends!