Friday, May 26, 2017

Fossil Free Friday - Cargo Bikes in the Media (WooHoo!)

[This one is for those of you who've been going through Mesquite-Hugger-Cargo-Bike-Post withdrawals]
What you'll find in this thrilling episode:
  • a new Yuba (that's not a longtail)
  • a review of an old friend - the Radwagon
  • and a bit of Xtra teasing
The New Yuba
Yep, Yuba did a big ol' reversal by offering a new bakfeits-style cargo bike - The Supermarch√©. This is the first Yuba I've seen where the load goes in front of the rider. You can learn more and see it in action on Wired or you can check it out on the Yuba site. (Me, I still want the Yuba Boda Boda V3 stepover or a plain old $999 Yuba Mundo.)
Even if you're not really interested in that particular cargo bike, the Wired video still does a nice job of going over what a cargo bike can do and how effective it can be in helping us drive less, pollute less, and spend less. Good stuff!
The Radwagon
And then there's the $1599 Radwagon (now with free shipping!) If you've spent much time around here, you know I have a big ol' crush on the tangerine banana bike from Seattle. Check out the recent article in Men's Journal:

Since I am married to a lovely woman who really, really
wants a Ducati Monster, I had to include this quote.
PS. Rad Bargain alert: Radpower has the
The Xtra bit of news... that I received an email from Xtracycle this week, and it contained some very Xciting words: New Bikes Coming Soon. I am staying tuned and will let you know!
Your Xtracycle random montage
May ditching your car become more and more common and may we all breathe easier and curse a lot less.