Friday, June 9, 2017

Fossil Free Friday - Electric Scooters

Since Grizz, Mendi, Fester, the Loi-Yer, Double K, and Melissa are headed to the Texas United Scooter Rally this weekend, it seemed like a great day to throw a few electric scooters up for Fossil Free Friday.

Grizz' red Vespa and the Mesquite Hugger E-Vespa
Earlier this week, Derek Markham posted about a new electric German scooter. (Or should that be "German electric scooter"? Where's Noam when I need him.)

I'm always excited when I run across a new electric scooter so I popped on over and found a pretty standard little scooter that
  • looks a whole lot like a 2006 Yamaha Vino
  • has a 28mph top speed
  • 30 miles of range
  • is available only in Europe. Snagit.
 But, then I remembered that we have a similar scooter available over here. The Genze 2.0.

And the Genze may not be all retro-Yamaha stylish, but it's got a nice list of virtues:
  • It's vastly slightly faster (30mph!)
  • It has the same range - 30 miles
  • No insane Teutonic import tariff -  it's made, or at least assembled, in Ann Arbor Michigan!
  • It has a removable battery pack, too!
  • You can buy one (in Texas) for less than $3000!
  • And, it's a 2-wheeled pickup truck! (You know me and electric pickups.)

(A pretty small pickup truck)

The pickup bed even inspired a weekly contest!

So there you have it - two emission-free electric scooters to help you get off the gas, keep it in the ground, clear the air, and generally make the world a less stinky place.

May you live in a less stinky place that you helped to create!

PS. In case the Genze 2.0 is not your thing, be sure to check out the Fido (my favorite), the Boxx, and the Monday Motorbike. - three very different approaches to electric scooters.